My Favorite Aggie Tradition— by Jacob Hoyumpa

My favorite Aggie Tradition is saying “Howdy”, which is the official greeting of Texas A&M. Students regularly greet each other (and campus visitors) with a simple “howdy”. This gesture has earned the university the distinction of being the friendliest campus in the world. Nobody knows where the tradition came from, but it is one that we Aggies are proud to continue.

“Howdy” is not only used on campus though, Aggies around the world continue this greeting long after they have graduated.

My uncle is a former Texas A&M student and I have always known him to say “howdy”. I remember there was this one time that we were just out for the day when he politely said “howdy” to a lady walking our way. She responded with an equally cheery howdy and a question, “Did you go to Texas A&M ?”. We went on to have a nice conversation about her journey through Texas A&M and how proud she was to have two daughters that just received their acceptance letters from the university. I mentioned (I was not in college at the time) that I too had just been accepted to Texas A&M and couldn’t wait to go. It was a simple and cheerful conversation and started by two former Ags continuing the cherished tradition of saying “Howdy”.

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