There’s More to Traveling! By Aarthi Adaikkalavan

Packing, spending, planning, jet lag!

I’m pretty sure these are words that come to your mind when discussing traveling. Trust me, there are many more aspects to traveling than just the logistics and chaos such as exploring different cultures, appreciating and coexisting with people and nature, and trying out various types of food! Personally, I have traveled around the world quite a bit to places like Dubai, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Canada.

I believe immersing yourself in other cultures can be very refreshing in different aspects. Most importantly, you are learning something new that you can share! One of the most culturally rich places I have been to is Vietnam. Vietnam has preserved its culture in the finest ways, and it is fascinating. Canada and Dubai are hands down the best places I’ve been where you are instantly immersed into nature. The mountains in Canada and deserts in Dubai are something you will want to explore and feel!

Lastly, my favorite part of traveling is discovering different types of food. Being a ‘foodie’, when it comes to trying new food, I love cultural authenticity. Thailand’s food has got to be at the top of my list for being so unique and authentic. If you are in Thailand in the future, don’t miss the Tom Yum Soup!

I know traveling can be a bit hectic at times, but there is so much more to it to appreciate. Traveling acts as a platform for exchanging experiences and thoughts. Creating memories itself can be just as exhilarating as anything else!


Aarthi Adaikkalavan

Photo by Văn Ngọc Tăng

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