Six Flags’ Essentials— by Ruby Rubaldo

One of the places that we will have the opportunity to go to in San Antonio is Six Flags Fiesta Texas. If you don’t know what Six Flags is, it is an amusement park with a variety of games, rides, and overall fun activities to do with friends.

If you love roller coasters, Six Flags is definitely somewhere to check out!

Fun fact: I am actually afraid of heights but I love roller coasters. Six Flags is one of my favorite places to visit, and I have been many times. I’ve realized that just like road trips, you need a game plan when visiting a theme park. The first thing I do before planning my visit is make a list of the materials I’ll need.

Here are things you should pack to make sure you have the best time possible:

  1. Comfy shoes: If you are uncomfortable, you will not only ruin your own day by complaining, but you’ll ruin your friends’ days too. Since it’s such a large park, it’s best to stay in groups, and you do not want to be that person with a bad attitude.
  2. Extra change of clothes: There is a water park section of Six Flags Fiesta Texas which has many water rides. Without an extra change of clothes (especially socks) you will feel like a raisin the entire day in your wet outfit.
  3. Poncho/Umbrella: I’m sure you’ve realized by now that Texas weather can be unpredictable. I have arrived at Six Flags before when the sun was scorching hot, then, twenty minutes later, a thunderstorm suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Be prepared for rain or shine!
  4. Lysol/Baby Wipes: Public restrooms at theme parks can be disgusting. Nuff’ said.
  5. Sunscreen: We will be exposed to the sun for long periods of time while walking around or waiting in lines, and you do not want to get sunburned.
  6. Sunglasses: For protection and aesthetics.
  7. Reusable water bottles: To save the turtles because without turtles, we wouldn’t have turtles. (logic)
  8. Backpack: To store all of your essentials while inside the park. Usually there’s a spot on the sides of rides’ loading docks where you can store your backpack for the duration of a ride, or you can pay for a locker to store your things for the entire day.
  9. Extra Cash: Souvenirs, Funnel Cakes, Frozen Lemonade!! Ugh there’s so much to get and so much to eat.
  10. Waterproof phone and accessories case: It’s a small carrier that you can wear around your neck while walking around the park and even wear during some rides. You can put your phone, cards, and money in it.
  11. Cooler: Although you can’t bring coolers inside the park, you can still bring a cooler and leave it in your car in the parking lot. Stock it with food and drinks that you can go retrieve once you reach maximum hunger level instead of eating the overpriced park food.  You can leave the park and return as long as you make sure to get your hand stamped before you leave!
  12. First-aid kit, medicine, etc: Accidents happen! You may get small cuts or a headache so make sure you take meds just in case. (You can leave these in your car too, or bring them in the park with you.) Just depends on personal preference.

Now that you know what to take, don’t hesitate to check out Six Flags’ website ( to look at which rides and specials they have, how much the entrance fee is, etc.

One of my favorite rides that I highly recommend you try out, especially if you enjoy air-time (the feeling of getting lifted off your seat), is the Iron Rattler.

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The Iron Rattler and all of its glory

Comment any additional theme park tips you have or shout out your favorite rides below!

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