About Us

IAA exemplifies the Aggie values to students worldwide.

We work hard to maintain:


IAA strives to provide direct opportunities for students to learn more about the world and all of the different individuals and cultures that live within it. Supporting exchange students and bettering the Aggie community to the best of our ability is our primary focus.


Being a part of IAA and helping contribute to our mission will deeply strengthen you and help you grow. Being accountable to our fellow Aggies and international visitors in dedicated solidarity is a huge part of who we are and who we will continue to be. Nothing can aid your development like helping others.


The ability lead is an important skill to possess, no matter what career path one chooses. IAA provides members with chances to gain leadership skills which can be applied to any international circumstance.


Loyalty to both our fellow Aggies and international visitors is of the utmost importance to IAA members. A great example of this is our buddy program, where each exchange student has an opportunity to buddy up with an IAA member to not only gain a friend, but to learn about our unique Texas A&M culture, discover the best activities to do between classes, and to acquire new resources.


IAA is proud to facilitate an environment in which students can learn, first-hand, about other world cultures by both traveling internationally and developing meaningful relationships with foreign exchange students. The differences that exist between individuals are valued, as each member seeks to gain a new perspective, tradition, or greater understanding of the world based on exciting cultural variances.

Selfless Service

We believe that giving back and showing appreciation to the community is essential. IAA has many opportunities for students to serve the Brazos County residents and help visiting students have the best experiences possible during their semesters abroad.

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