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A major focus of IAA is our Cultural Exchange Programs. Typically, these programs send and receive students for around 8-10 days. During the program, the participants attend courses, visit museums, experience local restaurants, go on tours, go on an out of town weekend trip, and speak at their host institution about their home university, nation, and culture. The itineraries are designed to create international learning through the university courses, and cultural understanding and knowledge through the extracurricular events.

The purpose of the Cultural Exchange Program is to provide students with international opportunities in areas of the world where Texas A&M does not yet have semester-long study abroad programs. Therefore, IAA strives to create additional unique opportunities to Texas A&M students with this program. Secondly, our Cultural Exchange Programs allow students that are unable to study abroad for an entire semester an affordable opportunity to participate on a short-term trip with our incredible program partners.

Each program agreement is unique and tailored to fit the needs of our students and our partner institutions. Upon completing the program all participants receive Texas A&M University’s International Affairs Association Cultural Exchange Program Certificate. While participants on all of our programs receive the Cultural Exchange Program Certificate upon completion, some of our programs give students the ability to transfer credit back to Texas A&M from the partner university for transfer credit hours.

As of now, the Cultural Exchange Programs that have open applications for Spring/Summer 2019 for our students are in Hungary and Kosovo! Learn more about how you can go on these trips by reaching out to us!

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